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Chelle Anderson
Jan 06, 2019
In The dpoe Experience
I have to say that as a runner I rarely find clothing that agrees with my long runs. Ever have chaffing so badly from a 5 mile run that showering is impossible? Yep, this mother runner has but since I have found dpoe clothing, this is no longer an issue. In fact the clothing is so durable that even after a million washes, it still has its shape and color.....SAY WHAT!?!? I know, it's freaking fabulous, right? No chaffing, no loose bottoms, no seams coming undone, just good old fashioned quality gear.....This year is going to rock for this runner!
Gear that runners appreciate! content media
Chelle Anderson
Nov 05, 2018
In Guns Out & Summer Bodies
One would think that a marathon runner would love cardio, this girl hates it....give me a 20 mile run over burpees any day...but I survived✌

Chelle Anderson

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