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I'm a sahm of 2, a 16 yr old son and a 6 yr old daughter. I'm married to a great supportive husband who's a RN. I'm adopted from South America and I have a twin brother.

I've always been active throughout my whole life my passion--> running. It was nutrition that was a struggle for me especially after I turned 30. Recently I'm enjoying weight lifting, HIIT cardio and my knees aren't complaining to much 🙂

It wasn't until June of 2020 when enough was enough...done yo-yoing, gaining and losing the same pounds never really seeing what my body was capable of. I invested in myself, signed up as a health and wellness Coach... found a healthy relationship with food

eat for fuel 🥦🍓🥗

eat for joy 🍕🍪🍦

that I was finally able to achieve results I've only dreamt of.

of course changing my mindset along the way.

So here's to the final chapter of my 30s and rocking 2021! 💪👊👏

Alix LeForge

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