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Jan 6

Gear that runners appreciate!


Edited: Jan 6

I have to say that as a runner I rarely find clothing that agrees with my long runs. Ever have chaffing so badly from a 5 mile run that showering is impossible? Yep, this mother runner has but since I have found dpoe clothing, this is no longer an issue. In fact the clothing is so durable that even after a million washes, it still has its shape and color.....SAY WHAT!?!?

I know, it's freaking fabulous, right? No chaffing, no loose bottoms, no seams coming undone, just good old fashioned quality gear.....This year is going to rock for this runner!


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  • Just like a kid on Christmas morning. The mail man walked up with the dpoe delivery. The new hoodie and 2 shirts were finally here. Comfortable and fits perfectly.
  • Swear these hoodies are life!
  • This sports bra is seriously the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. When I was training for my half marathon I wore it on numerous long runs and it did not chafe or anything...I loved it so much I wore it during my Freep International Half. These pants are really comfortable too and I feel very confident when wearing them and anyone who knows me knows I rarely wear close fitting clothing. New year, new athletic wear, confidence on a whole new level.