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Feb 1, 2018

If it dont challenge you wont change you. No pain no gain!!💯




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  • Did you meditate today? I love meditation. It is so powerful to just take a minute to yourself and focus only on your breath. Meditating before a workout or practicing yoga is a great way to set an intention for how you want to feel during and after your workout. It can also be a powerful tool for motivation. Meditation is a great way to gain mental clarity and reduce stress, fear and anxiety. If you are new to meditation there are some amazing guided meditations on Apps like Insight Timer and Headspace. Try a 5 -10 minute meditation before or after your next workout and notice how you feel.
  • One would think that a marathon runner would love cardio, this girl hates it....give me a 20 mile run over burpees any day...but I survived✌