2015/2016- BA program, At the end of 2015 the Brand Ambassador program was launched, the idea was for our peers and supporters to have the opportunity to be aa part of something bigger than themselves. The BA program was wildly successful, beginning with only 15 ambassadors it grew to an impressive 65 ambassadors worldwide. Membership spanned the USA from California, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, and New Hampshire just to name a few. And its membership reached as far as Scotland and Australia. The brand’s popularity grew and the message spread across the globe further than it had reached before.

2016- TM, APP, Commercials, Fit camps. In the fall of 2016 the brand first two Trademarks were registered. The trademarks were of the company name in October, and the logo just a few weeks later in November. dpoe sponsored its first of many fit camps, as part of its continuing commitment to encouraging confidence through fitness and community celebration of achievement. At each fit camp a representative, and/or the CEO is there selling gear, running giveaways, and most importantly cheering everyone on. the first official dpoe App was also launched around that time and our first commercial was uploaded to YouTube where it has been shared globally, spreading our unyielding message of positivity, confidence, and living a life beyond limits.