Teamdpoe is an interactive fitness community. As one of our global ambassadors, you will become a part of an influential family of confidence.

A love for the  brand and message are major qualifications of an ambassador. While we take into account the qualities of potential members, an active and influential platform is key. Our ideal candidates are motivated, outgoing, and have high interaction with their followers.

You do not have to be a professional athlete or trainer! A love for fitness, a drive to inspire, living a life without limits, and having confidence are the qualities we look for.


We accept ambassadors of varying backgrounds, ages, geographical regions, and fitness fields. It doesn’t matter where your fitness journey began or where it's taking you, so long as you are committed to pursuing your goals confidently and without limitations. 

Our motto remains the same

"With Confidence, ANYTHING is possible".

of being apart of the Teamdpoe

  • Receive FREE dpoe™ merchandise during select promotions 

  • Receive a 10% discount on gear to help you promote

  • Audience Discount Code

  • Exclusive members only giveaways and competitions 

  • Opportunities to have your images used in promotions and ad campaigns

  • Opportunities to host and participate in Teamdpoe sponsored events across the globe 


  • Have an active public social media presence 

  • Post weekly about dpoe 

  • Be enthusiastic and genuine in spreading the message of limitless living and confidence 

  • MUST be 18+

As an ambassador you are expected to

  • Generate traffic to 

  • Help increase our social media presence as well as presence in your local area 

  • Use #teamdpoe on relevant posts 

  • Believe in yourself, your team, and those around you 

  • Aspire to Inspire.  

Brand Ambassador Application
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