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There is nothing I rather do with my

life than inspire.That will be my legacy



dpoe™ (dee-poe)

Originated in 2010 as DogPhresh Graphix, a Graphic Design company. Soon after, DogPhresh Graphix grew into DPG Tees. Starting out, I invested $1000 from my tax return into 72 t-shirts, I had 6 designs to work with. All my marketing was done through Facebook and word of mouth. I hand delivered every order.


Going into 2011 I created a website for business and began using Twitter as well. With the addition of these 2 sources, I quickly began making sales all over the world!  

In 2013 I started a Twitter campaign,  #DogPhreshOverEverything, which focused on spreading inspiration and positive vibes. Due to the 140-character restriction in tweets, the hashtag was often too long and was shortened to #DPOE. The acronym DPOE stood for DogPhresh Over Everything If you were on Twitter in 2013, the question of the hour was "What is #DPOE?" This campaign took the world by storm, getting #DPOE into the minds of many who had never seen or heard of it before.  Either you knew about it, or you were dying to find out. 



And so, dpoe | Live LIMITLESS was born in 2015. In 2015 the brand ambassador program was launched with 10 ambassadors. It quickly grew to over 65 members worldwide. In 2016, I registered the business with the United States Trademark Office, and it is known today as dpoe™.


dpoe™ is a brand that represents the idea that ANYTHING is Possible.  Our mission statement is "With a strong belief in yourself, ANYTHING is possible".

dpoe™ provides daily motivation,  shopping and more - all things dpoe™.  We are online on all major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We also have an Interactive Fitness Community on Instagram @teamdpoe. 



In 2018 dpoe launched an initiative to take the message of  Wear Confidence face to face. dpoe's message has a global reach on many social media platforms and now our goal is to go out and inspire and motivate people face to face. The team is launching a series of pop up shops, fit camps and community events to inspire and motivate people.

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